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Unlocking Visual Potential: ChatGPT's 'Make It More' Revolutionizes Image Enhancement



AI art generators occupy a unique position in technology. They are capable of producing almost any image imaginable, ranging from the whimsical, like a dog skateboarding in outer space, to the surreal, such as a cup of coffee adrift in the ocean. While discussions about the ethics of AI-generated art continue, it's notable that not all initial creations meet expectations. Often, it's necessary to guide the AI with specific modifications to refine the outcome to one's preference.

However, consider a different objective: what if the aim isn't to craft a high-quality piece of AI art, but rather to create something wildly imaginative?

Make it More

Our fascination with Latvia led us to explore ChatGPT's perception of the country. 

We prompted it to generate the "most Latvian picture," and it produced two images featuring a young woman dancing in traditional attire, surrounded by flags and cultural symbols.

However, we yearned for something even more quintessentially Latvian. 

Thus, we turned to ChatGPT's image generator, Dall-E, to craft a picture that epitomizes Latvia even more. Here's what we got: 

Further requests for an ultra-Latvian image resulted in the following creations: 

Our request for an increasingly Latvian depiction led ChatGPT to create an image brimming with minute national and cultural nuances. 

Initially, we casually enjoyed these images. But, unexpectedly, this activity has sparked an online craze, with people eager to try their hand at generating an image and then amplifying its characteristics. 

We first noticed the "make it more" trend in a tweet by Justine Moore, a partner at a16z. She shared images of ramen becoming progressively more intense. 

Access to Dall-E (requiring a $20 monthly ChatGPT Plus subscription) makes participating in this trend straightforward: Simply ask the tool to create an image, then continuously request it to emphasize a particular feature.



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