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What Gen Z Really Thinks About ‘World-Changing’ AI



In the whirlwind of the AI revolution, a generation stands at the forefront of change. The GPT, or Generation Post-Technology, is not merely observing the AI boom; they are living it, breathing it, and shaping it. The Washington Post recently delved into the hearts and minds of these young pioneers, unearthing their hopes, fears, and visions for a future intertwined with artificial intelligence.

Hannah, 21: The Artist Questioning AI's Soul

In the vibrant corridors of Virginia Commonwealth University, Hannah, a 21-year-old art student, finds herself at a crossroads of creativity and technology. The emergence of AI tools like OpenAI's Dall-E has sparked intense debates among her peers. While some embrace these tools, Hannah remains skeptical.

“To me, art is a narrative, a piece of one's soul on canvas. AI, with all its colors and forms, somehow feels hollow, lacking the emotional depth and chaos of human creativity,” Hannah reflects. “I respect AI as a tool, but I fear it might dilute the essence of artistry.”

Craig, 24: The Law Student Embracing AI's Challenge

Craig's world of law and order at Dalhousie University is not immune to the AI wave. Having witnessed the uproar over AI in academia, Craig is thoughtful about its implications.

“AI’s penetration into the legal field is undeniable. Yet, I believe the nuanced understanding and empathetic reasoning we bring as humans remain irreplaceable. AI may aid, but it cannot supplant the human touch in justice,” Craig states, his voice a blend of caution and optimism.

Sathvik, 18: The Environmentalist Crafting a Greener AI

For Sathvik, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, AI is more than code and algorithms; it's an environmental responsibility. Concerned about the hefty energy demands of AI, Sathvik and his friends are pioneering a novel approach: light-powered computer chips.

“Our aim is to harmonize AI with our planet. We’ve been brainstorming, prototyping, and even caught the attention of some AI bigwigs,” Sathvik shares with a spark in his eyes. “Every moment not spent on this feels like a step toward oblivion for our startup.”

Jessica, 20: The Student Fighting for Academic Integrity

At Midwestern State University, Jessica faced an unexpected adversary: an AI detection tool. Wrongly accused of AI-assistance in her essay, Jessica's struggle highlights a growing concern in education.

“This experience shook me. I am an artist, a creator. The notion that my work might be seen as unoriginal is distressing,” Jessica confides. “Now, I document my work process, not out of pride, but necessity. It’s a strange new world for students.”

Hassan, 25: The Innovator Making AI a Family Affair

For Hassan AI is not just a professional pursuit; it’s a family bonding activity. His creation, RoomGPT, a tool for interior design innovation, skyrocketed to popularity, drawing in half a million users in awe of its capabilities.

“AI has become a bridge between my father and me. We collaborate, blending his financial acumen with my tech skills, to develop tools that even assist my mother in her special education research,” Hassan says, his eyes lighting up with pride. “It’s fascinating how AI has woven into the fabric of our family life.”


The Collective Voice of Generation Z

These stories are but a glimpse into the diverse perspectives of a generation at the forefront of an AI-driven future. While Hannah wrestles with the emotional authenticity of AI in art, Craig navigates the legal implications of this new technology. Sathvik champions the cause of eco-friendly AI, Jessica stands for academic integrity, and Hassan embraces AI as a familial venture.

This tapestry of experiences and viewpoints paints a vivid picture of a generation not just passively accepting AI but actively engaging with it, questioning it, and reshaping it to fit their vision of the future. As AI continues to evolve, so too will the voices of Generation Z, echoing their hopes, concerns, and aspirations in a world where technology and humanity increasingly intersect.



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