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Mic Drop for Self-Doubt: Selena Gomez's SXSW Anthem for Mental Wellness



Selena Gomez, the undisputed queen of belting out girl power anthems, traded catchy tunes for a powerful message of self-acceptance at SXSW this weekend. Joining forces with her mom, Mandy Teefey, at a panel aptly titled "Mindfulness Over Perfection: Getting Real On Mental Health," Gomez dropped truth bombs about her mental health journey and how her 2022 documentary, "My Mind & Me," became a game-changer.

"Let's be honest, some of the things I said about myself in the documentary were cringe-worthy," Gomez admitted with a disarming laugh. "Like, girl, who hurt you?" she joked, referencing the film's exploration of a six-year period marked by struggles. "But hey, isn't that relatable? Turns out, treating yourself with kindness is a skill, and back then, let's just say I was still in practice."

"My Mind & Me" wasn't your typical backstage pass to pop stardom. It delved into the raw and real battles Gomez faced — self-doubt, body image issues, and even suicidal thoughts that led to a tour cancellation and a bipolar disorder diagnosis. The documentary also brought her fight with Lupus and the burnout of a global celebrity life to light.

Sharing her story wasn't a walk in the park, but a conversation with her mom sparked the fire. "We were having a movie night, watching 'Girl, Interrupted,'" Gomez explained, "and we just started talking about how crazy the industry can be. I always felt like I didn't quite belong."

This conversation highlighted the importance of self-compassion, but Gomez also spoke openly about the challenges of seeking help. "You can't force someone to prioritize their mental health," she said. "There were people who cared about me more than I cared about myself at the time, pushing me to get help before I was ready. But I had to hit my own rock bottom, on my own terms."

The road to self-love wasn't paved with overnight successes, but with time and perseverance, Gomez feels she's in a much better place. "It definitely wasn't easy," she admitted, "but I'm feeling hopeful. Plus, at least I'm finally on my team!"

This newfound self-love extends beyond Gomez. In December 2021, she and Teefey co-founded Wondermind, an online platform where people can openly discuss their mental health struggles. It's a testament to Gomez's journey — from battling self-doubt to becoming a mental health advocate, she's using her platform to empower others and rewrite the narrative around mental well-being.