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Battling the Blues: Elon Musk Gets Real About Ketamine for Mental Health



In a recent YouTube interview, tech titan Elon Musk offered a glimpse into his personal struggles with mental health.  While discussing success and pressure, Musk confided in interviewer Don Lemon, "Let's be honest, there are times my brain just feels...off. Like a low tide of chemicals." 

For Musk, this "low tide" manifests as depression. To manage these episodes, he revealed using ketamine in small doses, prescribed by a doctor. "It helps me step out of that negativity," he explained, emphasizing that ketamine isn't a magic solution, but rather a tool. 

Musk, known for his relentless drive, went on to say that ketamine use isn't just about personal well-being, but also about his companies' success. "Investors care about results," he chuckled. "If something works, you keep doing it, right?" 

This isn't the first time Musk has spoken openly about mental health. Last year, he took to social media to advocate for ketamine as an alternative treatment option for some. His openness is a departure from the usual CEO persona and reflects a growing willingness to discuss mental health struggles. 

While Musk acknowledges ketamine's benefits, he cautions against overuse. "Too much and you can't get anything done," he said, a relatable concern for anyone juggling a demanding schedule. 

Elon Musk's story is a reminder that mental health challenges touch everyone, even billionaires with rockets to launch. His openness about ketamine use, while not a universal solution, opens a door for broader conversations about mental health and the tools people use to manage it.