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Did Gucci Just Shade Kendall and Bad Bunny's Breakup in Their New Campaign?



Hold onto your metaphorical hats, fashion lovers, because Gucci's new ad campaign might be spilling some serious tea! Remember that dreamy Gucci travel campaign featuring Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny that basically confirmed their relationship? Well, it looks like things might have taken a turn for the splitsville-y. 

Eagle-eyed fans noticed some interesting details in the brand's new "Gucci Valigeria" chapter. This time around, the former rumored couple is posing in separate images, rocking head-to-toe Gucci of course, but with some major solo travel vibes. 

Kendall? Rolling into the airport with a whole arsenal of Gucci luggage — a logo suitcase, a duffle, a tote, and even a Jackie bag But in another shot, she's leaving the airport with just a single duffle. Maybe Bad Bunny ditched her at the last minute? Did she accidentally grab his luggage out of habit? The plot thickens!

Meanwhile, Bad Bunny's picture is all about excess. Dude's got an entire trolley overflowing with Gucci suitcases! Now, before we judge him for overpacking, let's not forget he is, you know, in the middle of a world tour. 

Here's the thing: the first Gucci campaign basically screamed "we're a couple" to the world. So, this solo travel sequel feels a little too convenient, right? Of course, it's possible they filmed both campaigns together. But where's the fun in that? We, the internet, prefer our fashion campaigns with a healthy dose of fan fiction, and let's be real, this breakup narrative is writing itself.