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Biden Strikes a Witty Golf Jab at Trump During Democratic Fundraiser



At a bustling Democratic fundraiser in the heart of New York City, former Vice President Joe Biden sparked laughter from the crowd with a clever quip aimed at his political opponent, Donald Trump, centered around the president's golf prowess — or lack thereof.

The humorous exchange unfolded as late-night TV host Stephen Colbert, serving as the event's emcee, set the stage with a jesting inquiry directed at Trump's golfing achievements — or lack thereof. Addressing Biden, Colbert queried, "Can voters trust a presidential candidate who has not won a single Trump International Golf Club trophy? At long last. Sir, have you no chip-shots?"

Biden, sharing the stage with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, seized the moment with a quick-witted response, expressing his willingness to engage in a round of golf with the presumptive GOP nominee. Recounting a past interaction with Trump during his tenure as vice president, Biden humorously offered Trump an advantageous deal, proposing, "I’ll give you three strokes if you carry your own bag."

While the veracity of Biden's anecdote remains uncertain, the audience eagerly embraced the humor, envisioning the golf cart enthusiast Trump lugging his clubs across the greens. The amusing remark quickly garnered attention, with MSNBC featuring a clip of Biden's quip on "Morning Joe."

Amidst the festivities, which culminated in a record-breaking $25 million raised for Biden's 2024 campaign, the president took the opportunity to critique his predecessor's policies, characterizing them as "a little old and out of shape."

Colbert's jest and Biden's witty rejoinder stemmed from Trump's recent claims of golfing triumphs at his own establishments — a declaration met with skepticism by many. Sports commentator Rick Reilly, who has firsthand experience golfing with Trump, dismissed the assertions, highlighting Trump's tendency to declare victory under dubious circumstances.

"He’s played in Pebble Beach, he’s played in the Tahoe one, where there are rules and judges and cameras," remarked Reilly. "And in those, he’s never finished in the top half. So he wins when anybody who disagrees that he won is out of the club. That’s how he gets it."

Biden's lighthearted jab serves as a reminder of the playful banter that often punctuates the political arena, offering a moment of levity amidst the gravity of the campaign trail.