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Kim K's Furry Feud? Fans Think She's Copying Kanye's New Wife's Style



Kim Kardashian just dropped a super steamy Instagram pic and it has fans buzzing for a surprising reason. Kim's rocking a huge fur coat with nothing but tights underneath, channeling some serious "wife of Kanye" vibes.

The look is a dead ringer for Bianca Censori, Kanye's new wife, who's known for her bold and revealing outfits. Kim even slicked her hair back just like Bianca, and fans are wondering if there's a bit of a fashion feud brewing.

People flooded the comments with questions like "Kim, whatcha doin'?" and "Is this Kim Censori?" It seems everyone's wondering if Kim's taking a page out of Bianca's style book, or if there's something more going on.

This isn't the first time Kim and Bianca's styles have crossed paths. Just this weekend, Bianca was spotted in a similar fur coat with tights, fueling the fashion fire. Apparently, Kim isn't Bianca's biggest fan, either. Reports say she's not thrilled about Bianca's outfits around her kids.

Despite the rumored tension, Kim and Bianca were seen together at Kanye's album listening party recently. They didn't seem super chatty, but hey, maybe they were just there for the music (and the fashion inspiration?).

One thing's for sure, this whole situation is sparking a lot of questions. Is Kim taking fashion cues from Bianca? Is there a silent style war going on? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: it's juicy gossip for the Kardashian klan fans!