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Exploring Dalle 3 with ChatGPT: Beta Testing, Prompts, Features & Results



You need to have a ChatGPT account with the beta version of Dalle 3.

I was fortunate to purchase a new account from Germany and received this feature. On other older accounts, this opportunity was not available.

Who had the opportunity to test Dalle 3 in ChatGPT?

OpenAI hasn't specified any individual testers or groups for its models, including Dalle 3 in ChatGPT. Typically, OpenAI conducts internal testing and might also grant access to the beta versions of their products to select partners or developers.

First I tried a rather complicated prompt:

Please draw: Biotechnology congress can you design poster for this event, cool design, can you use human cell in design, modern design, can you add green color, can you add dark blue color, can you use virus in design, simple design, 8k, volumetric lighting

And one of the 4 results I really liked. This is actually a poster on the topic, and even the lettering almost matches. The image captures the essence of the theme.

Here's an example of what MidJourney produces on the same prompt:

Beautiful, but off-topic.)

Next, I tested a simple query to DALL·E 3: Please draw: Minion dressed as a Dracula

And I liked the result, but most importantly you can modify or add to the pattern.

Okay, now I'm gonna do his hair like Gorgon head.

 Here's what this prompt looks like in the old version of Dally. Made with labs.openai.com

Key Feature:

ChatGPT processes your request and automatically generates 4 prompts for Dalle on its own.

Three of the results for this task had artifacts, while one produced a satisfactory image. 





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